J.B. Hunt Truck Driver Orientation

Find comfort and convenience with Direct to Work online orientation.

Innovation is nothing new to us at J.B. Hunt. Thanks to our drivers who always push us forward, we are no strangers to disrupting the status quo and providing the very best with our state-of-the-art technology and innovationsA huge part of this for our new company drivers is our Direct to Work online orientation. 

First launched in 2018, Direct to Work shaped the future of driver orientation in the transportation industry. With Direct to Work, drivers can complete orientation online, at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home.

Direct to Work allows the freedom to schedule screenings at convenient times and allows drivers the freedom to work within a convenient schedule. Once online orientation is complete, drivers are paid for their time and are ready to arrive at their work location for account-specific training. At J.B. Hunt, our drivers are a top priority. With Direct to Work orientation, we strive to make our drivers’ orientation experience as smooth as possible. 

A graphic listing benefits of Direct to Work online orientation.

According to Final Mile Services® driver Clint, “The online orientation was easily accessible and thorough. I also had a great trainer to show me the ropes! Proud to be part of the team!” 

Once Direct to Work orientation is complete, drivers report to their work location upon hire, skipping the hassle of traditional orientation, ready to begin job-specific training. 

For intermodal driver Braudy, this is a game-changer. “I loved it, very fast and convenient all you need to do is watch the videos and if you have any questions you can call the recruiting people,” said Braudy. 

From the first call with recruiters to the first day on the job, J.B. Hunt is committed to providing an excellent driver experience. Since 2018, thousands of drivers have completed orientation online in the comfort of their own home. With more than 95% of J.B. Hunt company driving jobs offering online orientation, there has never been a better time to join the J.B. Hunt family. 


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