J.B. Hunt Million Mile Safety Bonuses

Drivers can earn up to $125,000 in safe driving bonuses through our Million Mile award.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a truck driver. At J.B. Hunt, our drivers make a commitment to professionalism, timeliness, expertise in their field, and most importantly, safety. We believe that our exceptional employee drivers should be rewarded not only with the best jobs in the industry but with awards and bonuses that show our appreciation.

The most prestigious award a J.B. Hunt driver can receive is the Million Mile Award. This award is presented to an elite group of drivers who have successfully driven one, two, three and four million safe miles. Drivers receive a bonus for every million safe miles driven.

One million mile drivers receive a bonus of $5,000

Two million mile drivers receive a bonus of $10,000

Three million mile drivers receive a bonus of $20,000

Four million mile drivers receive a bonus of $40,000

Five million mile drivers receive a bonus of $50,000

J.B. Hunt Million Mile driver hugs corporate employee after Million Mile Walk of Fame.

Along with the well-earned bonuses, our drivers receive company-wide recognition for their amazing achievements. When they reach two million safe miles, our accomplished drivers and their families are invited to our corporate office in Arkansas to attend the special Million Mile Celebration, a two-day event full of fun, food and festivities.

The event kicks off with a chance for the drivers to swap stories over a great meal and live music. The following day, the Million Mile drivers participate in the highly anticipated Walk of Fame. Noisemakers, signs and pom poms in tow, all 3,300 corporate employees line the halls to applaud and cheer for our distinguished drivers.

“The first step was okay, and you see people, but when you see the line of people that we had to go through, and all of them were thanking me? I was like no, I want to thank you guys. I was trying to shake everyone’s hand. I wish I could have hugged everyone…It was one of the best moments in my life,” said two million-mile driver Terry of the Walk of Fame.

Thanks a million to our drivers who work hard every day to keep our roads safe and our world moving!

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