DRIVE App Proves to be a Valuable Tool for Owner Operators

J.B. Hunt owner operator Daron stands next to truck and trailer.

As an owner operator, Daron has found his day easier to plan and his income easier to calculate when using J.B. Hunt’s load recommendation feature on the DRIVE app.

“It makes it a whole lot easier. Allows you to see more of the freight lanes. I decide what to run and what to stay away from,” he said. “You don’t have to figure out what your take is. You don’t have to do the math. It takes the guess work out of everything,” said Daron.

Owner operator Tom sings the same tune when it comes J.B. Hunt’s DRIVE app and its load recommendation feature. “It’s great. It shows the load number, where you’re picking it up, and how much you’ll make on that load… You can open it and read more information. It tells you where the load is going. You can accept it or not,” he explained. “You’re not told what to do. You have the info that you need. Now I can plan my stops.”

J.B. Hunt owner operator Tom stands next to truck.

Owner Operators Daron and Tom also participate in third-party lease purchase program options and make weekly payments within defined terms and agreements in order to purchase their own tractors.

“It’s still a challenge – paying truck payments and paying into a maintenance account,” Daron said. “If you have business sense, it can benefit you greatly.”

“It’s a sound program,” Tom added. “You have to go at it with a mentality – I’m not going to fail, no matter what.”

Although Daron’s been participating in the third-party lease purchase program for only a year, he’s no rookie when it comes to being an owner operator. He’s contracted with a number of carriers throughout his 14 years of truck driving, and found J.B. Hunt to be “one of the best choices” he’s made. “I like the flexibility, home time, the ease of working, and everyone lets you do your thing,” he said.

Daron’s also a fan of J.B. Hunt’s percentage-based contract payment plan and many other perks. “One of the best companies, if not the best, I’ve been with on a percentage plan,” he said. “The benefits outweigh the cons – great fuel discount, all the different terminals with fuel discounts, tires, the J.B. Hunt labor rate… You can’t beat it.”

Similarly, Tom has been truck driving for 28 years and has contracted with J.B. Hunt for two of those years. “It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m really happy with it. Wish I would have done it earlier,” he said. “I have a really fun life – go to concerts with my family. J.B. Hunt has led to this… My family has benefited greatly from leasing this truck.”

The veteran drivers offer advice to company drivers interested in becoming independent contractors. “Network so you can understand the program and you’ll have help if you need it,” Daron said. “You can’t be picky, have to do what you need to do. You can’t turn down a whole bunch of loads because you don’t want to go there or there.”

“It’s your own truck. Get out of the company driver mentality. It’s your truck, your own business. If you fail, it’s on you,” Tom added. “My truck doesn’t sit. You move to where the freight is. You can’t afford to sit.”


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