From the Frontlines – Unsung Hero

Dedicated driver Seth honored at community Civic Club.

At J.B Hunt, we know the amazing work our drivers do each day, but it is not every day that an entire community takes notice of this amazing work. 

Seth, a J.B. Hunt driver and driver trainer, was an honoree at the Harrisburg, Pa. Civic Club earlier this month. The Civic Club hosted a luncheon in honor of “Frontline Unsung Heroes.” Seth attended the luncheon in his honor with his wife and his J.B. Hunt manager, Adam. 

Seth was nominated as an honoree by his neighbor, who took note of Seth’s tireless work ethic and service to his community. 

According to his manager, Adam, “Seth is one of our driver trainers and most valuable team members, and he was the account Driver of the Month for August.” 

Seth is standing in front of a news camera and being interviewed by a local reporter.

Seth has driven with J.B. Hunt for six years. Throughout this time, he has found fulfillment in serving his local community. “I find it very rewarding, even at normal times,” said Seth. “I enjoy getting the product where it needs to go. I’m on the other side of that too, as a shopper, and it’s rewarding to see shelves stocked.” 

During a pandemic, the need within communities has been greater than ever before. According to Seth, many stores would take pallets from his truck to set directly out on the floor. “I enjoy getting to the store and they’re low on product and they’re just so happy to see you,” said Seth. “For those first 2-3 months, there was so much more product being delivered – a lot of water and paper products.” 

Seth says that the community support for drivers over the last few months has been constant. “A lot of times you’ll see signs that local families will put up next to the road or over bridges. Lots of community support,” said Seth. 

Throughout it all, Seth said that J.B. Hunt has shown support and met the needs of company drivers at every turn. “J.B. Hunt in particular, they have been very good at trying to keep up – anything they can do in an environment like this, they are doing,” said Seth. 

At J.B. Hunt, we cannot be prouder of the impact our drivers make daily. 


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