From the Frontlines – Above and Beyond

Final Mile driver Felix makes an impact wherever he goes.

For Final Mile driver Felix, few things are more rewarding than knowing that a difficult job is done well. Felix has been driving with J.B. Hunt for only 14 months but has already made a huge impact with his kindness, enthusiasm and dedication to a job well done. In this current time, those positive attitudes are appreciated more than ever. 

Felix stands in front of his J.B. Hunt Final Mile truck.

According to his manager, Brian, Felix is already indispensable. “Felix just celebrated his 1-year anniversary within J.B. Hunt, and he has made a tremendous impact in the Southeast FMS”, said Brian. 

To Felix, the delivery installation specialist position in Final Mile is an ideal job“I like meeting new people and try to make sure everything is done the way I would like it,” said Felix. “Every day is different, which I like.” 

Even during a pandemic Felix stays dedicated and always has an eye on the good he can do for people. By delivering appliances and household essentials, he is able to lend a helping hand. “A lot of people getting things that they really need are so thankful that we’re still working,” said Felix. “We ease the stress of the day-to-day. I always think – what would I do without my fridge?” 

But making deliveries during this time has not always been easy. “Seems like we’re doing more because we didn’t slow down, which was good, but we had to take special precautions,” said Felix. “A lot of people think it’s not a big deal, but it is. It takes a lot of concentration to do this all day and still stay aware of safety precautions. 

Despite everything, Felix has continued to perform to his highest standards. According to Final Mile management in Richmond, Va., “Felix is the type of driver we all strive to find when we are in need. The word ‘No’ is not in his vocabulary.” 

For management in Charlotte, N.C., “Felix was awesome; on time, cordial, quick, and efficient.  Bar none he is one of the coolest drivers I have ever interacted with.”  

To Felix, this is all in a day’s work. “Everybody is right here and trying to stick together as best we can,” said Felix. “There’s always someone you can ask, always someone there who can help you.” 

At J.B. Hunt, Felix has certainly demonstrated that he is always ready and able to lend a helping hand. 


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