Driving with J.B. Hunt During the Holidays

With PTO and loads of home time options, we are dedicated to getting you home to what matters.

Truck drivers deliver everything we need, and that is rarely felt more than around the holidays when spending time with family to share food and gifts is a tradition for people throughout the country. When Mr. and Mrs. Hunt founded J.B. Hunt in 1961, they had a vision of getting drivers home in time for the holidays. 60 years later, we continue to work hard to honor Mr. and Mrs. Hunt’s vision by offering the home time and paid-time-off  (PTO) our company drivers need to get home to what matters.

How Often do J.B. Hunt Drivers Get Home?

With a variety of home time options in our Dedicated, Intermodal and Final Mile divisions, we strive to offer drivers some of the best truck driving jobs in the industry. Not only are more than 90% of our drivers home daily or weekly, but employee drivers start earning PTO from the first day on the job.

For Intermodal driver Reese, being in a division that allows him to be home with his family over the holidays is incredibly important to him.

“We actually get paid holidays,” said Reese. “They actually give you time to basically be home with your family on the holidays and you’re getting paid, so you won’t have to worry about trying to make money, so that’s amazing.”

Whether you are a local driver who is home every day, or you cash in your paid-time-off, we work to give our drivers the schedules and benefits that help them prioritize what matters most to them during the holidays.

J.B. Hunt driver Juan, right, stands with his wife, left, in front of Christmas lights.

Drivers Deliver the Holidays

Without our incredible drivers, the holiday season would look very different. Mr. Hunt built a company culture that is centered around drivers, and we work constantly to honor that legacy by treating our drivers like the champions they are.

Marq, a local J.B. Hunt driver, said the variety of home time options J.B. Hunt has makes it obvious how important drivers are to the company.

“The reason I wanted a local job was because I’m very family-oriented and I needed some home time on the weekends [to] spend time with my family [and] raise the kids up,” said Marq. “It’s important for me to be on this local account with J.B. Hunt.”

With some of the best home time options for truck drivers to choose from, we are confident you can find a driving job with J.B. Hunt that fits your unique needs. 


Find your perfect driving job this holiday season! Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our pre-qual form to get started today.

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