Drivers, We Can’t Thank You Enough

Truck Driver Appreciation 2020

Things may look different this year, but nothing can stop us from thanking and praising our incredible drivers! Normally, Truck Driver Appreciation at J.B. Hunt is a month-long celebration filled with cookouts, waterparks, family days, handshakes and hugs. Although it saddens us that we cannot celebrate our drivers in person this year, their efforts have surpassed expectations, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty and they deserve to be celebrated.

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has presented both unprecedented and trying times. The essential, frontline workers know that better than anyone. This hasn’t stopped our drivers from putting their trucks in gear day and night to make essential deliveries across the nation.

Drivers deliver food, medical supplies, toilet paper and so much more. Where would we be without these necessities? Where would we be without drivers? We’ve talked to many drivers about the challenges of driving during a pandemic. Humbly, our drivers say that it won’t stop them from doing their job to their fullest potential.

Dedicated driver, Zach, said of driving during a pandemic, “At the end of the day our job is to, first and foremost, make sure we’re safe and keep everyone around us safe. And to serve whatever communities and cities we’re assigned to.”

Just because we can’t cheer our drivers on in person, ride roller coasters and eat burgers with them, doesn’t mean we forgot about a celebration. During the entire month of September, we are celebrating 2020 Truck Driver Appreciation with giveaways, thank you messages from leadership, a special treat sent to each driver and the gratitude of an entire nation.

Now more than ever, our country sees the sacrifices and importance of a truck driver. So, what can the public do to thank a driver? Buy their lunch, write them a letter or draw them a picture, share our “Thank you” posts on @JBHuntDrivers, be a courteous driver and safely share the road, smile and wave and when we are able to safely shake hands again, give them a big handshake and a huge “Thank you”.

Watch the video below to see how our corporate J.B. Hunt employees are showing their appreciation to our family members on the road!

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