Drivers Keep Things Moving

Every mile, every day, drivers deliver.

At J.B. Hunt, we take pride in the tremendous dedication of our drivers across the United States who deliver the supplies that keep us going every day. The food we eat, clothes we wear and appliances we use are all easily available thanks to drivers who deliver them to our stores and homes.

After 59 years as a company, we know that our drivers are a huge part of what keeps us going at J.B. Hunt. To OTR driver Andrea, it’s clear just how important our drivers are. 

“Trucking is one of those things, where if it stops, America stops,” said Andrea. 

J.B. Hunt drivers standing in group with J.B. Hunt trucks in the background.

We would not be where we are today without the commitment to excellence that we see from our drivers every day. We are honored to have a family at J.B. Hunt that sincerely cares and still gets the work done each day. For intermodal driver Julia, this is what matters. 

 It does matter how you’re treated; it matters that you feel like family and not a number. It matters that you have safe equipment and good equipment, and that someone cares that you get home to your family, and all of the things that truck drivers care about, said Julia. 

JBI driver Julia leans on equipment and smiles; J.B. Hunt Intermodal trailer is in the background.

J.B. Hunt drivers keep us moving, and we are always proud to celebrate their success. To DCS driver Corleone, this is what counts at the end of the day. 

“I just remember that we are on a dedicated contract here, you know, to this customer and that they are providing us this opportunity, and so I try my best to be that leader in order to make sure that we are successful here,” said Corleone 

Our drivers exemplify the kind of hard work and excellence that have made J.B. Hunt one of America’s leading transportation providers. All of us at J.B. Hunt want to thank the amazing drivers who are on the road delivering supplies across the country, today and every day. We truly appreciate every mile.


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