Driven to Succeed: Driver and Trainer Kevin

A day in the life of a local intermodal driver.

With 33 years of driving under his belt, Kevin has proven to be a skilled and safe driver and a trainer equipped to prepare the next generation of champion J.B. Hunt drivers. We caught up with Kevin to ask him what future drivers can expect of a local intermodal job with J.B. Hunt.

Driver Kevin leans against J.B. Hunt Intermodal truck with his arms crossed.

How does your day typically start?

“You come in here to the office first thing in the morning. You report to work. You get your first load. You head up to the rail unless you’re doing a pickup, and then you do your first delivery. It’s kind of nice being able to have that sense of being able to just know what you’re doing.”

Do you have relationships with the customers you deliver to?

“I’ve gotten to know the customers real well. I have a lot of fun with the different customers and the variance of people and personalities you get to meet.”

What does the rest of your day look like?

“After that, you do probably two, three, four loads more, and then they’ll tell you, ‘Hey, you’re all done for the day. Bring it on in.’ You bring it in. You park your truck. You sign off. You do up your paperwork and you say, ‘Have a good night everybody,’ and everybody wishes you the same thing. We have a very close group up here. Everybody knows everyone, and we’re constantly waving to each other, even when we’re passing by at customers.”

So, you have a good relationship with your management?

“Oh, management…they’ve been really good people. Our whole day is constantly evolving week by week. Day by day. Month by month. I mean…we’re always striving, including the management and drivers, to make everything better for our jobs and theirs.”

Tell us about the home time for a local intermodal driver in Seattle.

“You make it home every day. The days that you work, mostly Monday through Friday, if you choose to work weekends you can choose work to work weekends. Intermodal allows you to have that personal life and a work life all at the same time.”

So, management works with your schedule?

“We have a driver on this ramp that actually, he’s been working nights ever since I’ve been here, and he just prefers that. So, if you prefer certain shifts, certain times, the management here will definitely try to make that happen to where you can actually have a home life in driving.”

Why would you recommend this job to someone?

“This is a good job because of the fact that I’m on a set schedule. My wife knows that I’m coming home every night. I can have a life with her and a work life…it’s really nice knowing, being a company driver, that you can shut that key off at the end of your shift and go home and forget about work and just pay attention to your family.”

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