Drive Intermodal with J.B. Hunt

A look into the industry’s leading intermodal division.

Intermodal at a Glance

As the industry leader in intermodal, we’re proud to offer local and regional jobs that get our drivers home daily or weekly. J.B. Hunt drivers reap the rewards of a growing intermodal market and our longstanding relationships with major rail providers.

A J.B. Hunt container is lifted off of the rails and onto a chassis at a rail yard.

Transporting containers from rail yards to customer locations, intermodal drivers experience a more traditional driving job while shippers benefit from a quicker and more cost effective, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly mode of freight transportation. Those benefits of intermodal shipping have caused the industry segment to grow greatly. With the growth of this reliable method of shipping, J.B. Hunt truck drivers have more opportunities for jobs with more home time and shift options.

Truck drivers often prefer intermodal jobs because of their flexibility and consistency. Intermodal driving jobs operate 24/7 leaving drivers with freedom and power to choose a schedule that works for them. The consistency in freight and familiar routes allow drivers to get the most out of their workday.

Does an intermodal driving job sound like the perfect job for you? Learn more by filling out this short form or call one of our recruiters at 1-866-384-7130.

J.B. Hunt’s Superior Intermodal Division

All intermodal jobs provide a great range of options for drivers, but J.B. Hunt’s intermodal division offers even more. No other company can say that they have 100 percent company-owned containers and chassis. Our fleet includes 100,000 53’ containers and 83,000 chassis, making it the largest company-owned fleet in North America.

To maintain a safe and comfortable work environment for our drivers, 80 percent of our intermodal freight is no-touch. J.B. Hunt drivers have access to private express gates, which reduces wait time and allows drivers to get more out of their day. With a plan to move two million intermodal loads in 2019, our drivers won’t be sitting and waiting for loads.

What Our Drivers Say

Intermodal jobs offer consistent home time, freight and routes. “Even in the slow seasons, J.B. Hunt provides me with something to do,” said Taka, intermodal truck driver. This consistency keeps our drivers healthy and happy on and off the road. Local intermodal driver Brian, said, “I come home, I sleep, and I come straight back to work because I’m excited to get back to work every day.”

You deserve more time with your family, a support system on and off the road and better benefits. Find that with an intermodal driving job, a job that works for you. If you’re considering an intermodal truck driving job with J.B. Hunt, take the advice of intermodal driver Olanjuwon, “Don’t think twice about coming to J.B. Hunt.”

Interested in intermodal? Learn more about local and regional job openings in your area by calling 1-877-791-9458 or filling out this short form online to be contacted by a recruiter.

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