Delivering to Schools From New Hampshire to California: Adopt-a-Class 2016

We recently held our tenth and final Adopt-a-Class event of 2016 at the Western Yell County Elementary in Belleville, AR. Thanks to a nomination submitted by DCS driver, Ms. York’s fourth grade classroom was chosen to be the recipient of a $1,000 donation in school supplies. At the request of Ms. York, the donation was used to purchase the classroom four Chromebooks and additional computer accessories. In Arkansas students are required to take state testing on Chromebooks, but Ms. York explained funding is not provided for schools to purchase the laptops. Now students in Ms. York’s classroom, including Jason’s daughter Harley, will have Chromebooks to practice on and better prepare them for their state testing.

Adopt-a-Class Map

Ms. York’s classroom was just one of ten chosen from across the country for our Adopt-a-Class program. During the summer, we received over 60 nominations from J.B. Hunt drivers, submitting their children’s classrooms for the $1,000 donation in school supplies. After careful consideration, ten classrooms were chosen and the winning teachers submitted their supply wish lists. Each classroom’s supplies were ordered and wrapped, before being shipped to the winning driver. On the day of the Adopt-a-Class event, the driver delivered the supplies and pizza to their child’s school in a J.B. Hunt truck. Students were given a truck tour and the opportunity to unwrap all of their new school supplies.

Reed Custer IntermediateTeacher’s school supply requests varied greatly this year and went beyond simply providing students with the basic necessities. Ms. Workman, third grade teacher at Fairhope Elementary in Fairhope, AL, ordered several different types of seating for her students, such as yoga balls and balancing stools. She explained new studies show children are more engaged in learning if they are provided with a variety of seating options. The teachers of Lugo Elementary, Riverwood Elementary and Alta Elementary used part of their donations to order their students fun and engaging puzzles, Lego sets and problem solving games – luxury items for most classrooms. Ms. Markowski, fourth grade teacher at Troy Elementary in Troy, NH, ordered supplies to build not only her classroom, but the entire school, a new playground.

Many of our winning drivers are thankful for the opportunity Adopt-a-Class gave them to show their appreciation to their student’s teachers. In his nomination, DCS driver Raymond, praised his daughter Melody’s gifted and talented teacher at Meadowthorpe Elementary in Lexington, KY. “Mr. Parks works tirelessly to make sure the children have a well-rounded education,” Raymond said, and asked that we consider his classroom. Mr. Parks was overwhelmed by Raymond’s kind words and generosity, and used the donation to order supplies that will further the students creative thinking. DCS driver, Terrence, won Adopt-a-Class for his son Nicholas’ first grade special needs classroom at Reed Custer Intermediate in Braidwood, IL. “My son is developmentally delayed and the school has done so much for him and his friends,” Terrence wrote in his nomination, and explained how much it would mean to be able to give back to the school.

Bonne TerreIn addition to supporting our driver’s communities, Adopt-a-Class creates a lasting memory for our drivers and their children to cherish. “I carry a picture my daughter made of me, everywhere I go,” JBI driver, Kerry, wrote in his nomination. He continued by saying the donation would not only help the class, but “…serve as a daily reminder of how much Roseline’s daddy loves her…no matter how many miles separate us.” Roseline held up the picture she had drawn of her father as he retold the story to her second grade classroom. After unwrapping all of the supplies, North St. Francios County Primary School teacher, Ms. Stegall, explained to the students that each year the classroom is only budgeted one-hundred dollars, but Roseline’s dad had delivered them ten years’ worth of school supplies. Roseline hugged her father, beaming with pride, as the classroom yelled ‘thank you’ to Kerry in unison.

One of the most heartwarming Adopt-a-Class winners this year was DCS driver, Boris, out of Maricopa, AZ. Nominating his daughter’s kindergarten class at Butterfield Elementary, Boris explained her first year in school is a big moment for their family. “Sofia was born with Complex Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, essentially half a heart,” Boris wrote in his nomination. He explained that Sofia’s health has been a struggle and doctors did not think she would live to be five years old. “Because of new medical advances, Sofia is meeting more and more milestones,” Boris said. “Starting kindergarten is one that we are extremely grateful for.” Sofia eagerly greeted her father on the day of their Adopt-a-Class, as he pulled into the school in his J.B. Hunt truck. Sofia and her classmates took turns pulling the truck’s horn, eating pizza and opening school supplies. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Sofia’s milestone and give back to the teachers who care for her.


Thank you to all of the drivers, teachers, faculty and driver managers who helped us make this year’s Adopt-a-Class events possible. We’re already excited about Adopt-a-Class 2017!



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