All About Dedicated Driving Jobs

Learn about our local and regional CDL-A jobs that service a single customer.

If you’ve been following our blog then you’ve probably read the 5 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Choose Intermodal and the 3 Myths About Over the Road Driving Jobs  but what about J.B. Hunt’s Dedicated Contract Services (DCS) division? What does it mean to have a “dedicated” driving career? What qualifies drivers to run these local and regional routes? Keep reading, we’re answering all of those questions!

What is a dedicated driving job?

As one of the largest transportation logistics companies in North America, we’ve moved a lot of freight. Businesses recognize our expertise and can take advantage of our skills and service for their own shipping needs through DCS.

J.B. Hunt’s Dedicated accounts each service a single customer. Instead of random routes and freight, dedicated driving provides variety for drivers in day-to-day duties yet offers a more consistent schedule than many driving jobs. Long days spent on the road can be tough on drivers, physically and mentally. From operating forklifts to installation of appliances, DCS offers a break from long hauls on the road and adds in a mix of non-driving responsibilities.

Our most customer-needs-driven-division within DCS is called Final Mile Services. Through Final Mile we offer services such as delivering and installing appliances to local accounts. Our Final Mile opportunities open the door to positions for CDL-A drivers as well as those installation specialists without a CDL.

A dedicated driving career, what does it look like in action?

A dedicated driver can expect to check in at the account, talk to the account manager and then hit the road!

Servicing a single customer means that local and regional dedicated drivers have the chance to build relationships and familiarity with customers, all while providing specialized customer service. Onsite management is a major resource for dedicated drivers and through account specific training, drivers cover load planning, safety and any unique customer concerns.

Aside from the perks of a consistent schedule and pay, company dedicated truck drivers also enjoy access to comprehensive health benefit offerings including medical, dental and vision as well as life insurance, 401K and paid vacation.

How can I qualify?

We require at least 3 months CDL-A experience to pre-qualify for driving jobs in DCS with the exception of our installation specialists in the Final Mile division.  Give us a call today at 877-791-9458 or click here to learn more about jobs in your area!



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