Dedicated Driving: A Day in the Life

Ride-along with driver Toledo

When looking for the next move in your career, it’s helpful to have insight on what the “day-to-day” routine might look like. We took a ride with driver Toledo as he made his daily runs to learn what could be expected when driving with our Dedicated Contract Services division.

J.B. Hunt driver, Toledo, leaning against his trailer in New York City.

How does your work day begin? 

“Before my work day begins I have a proper rest time so that I can be fresh when I wake up and report for duty. When I get to my dispatch unit I do a pre-trip on my truck and from there I get my load from dispatch and they assign me wherever I need to go. From there I recon the map to see the safest way to get to my destination. After that, I hook up my trailer, pre-trip my trailer, log my tractor and if I need an e-jack (electronic pallet jack), I go back to get my e-jack and then I’m off to the races.”

What is home time like being a dedicated driver? 

“As far as flexibility, I could run five days if I started early but I choose to run six days a week as much as I can to make money for the family. My down time starts late Saturday and then Sundays are my day off. But I choose to do that, that’s my choice. I can be off two days a week but I choose to work six.”

J.B. Hunt driver Toledo smiling with this three children at a restaurant.

How are driver/manager relations?

“Well you are going to have days where drivers have disagreements and miscommunication amongst the dispatch and the driver as far as the load they want, but at the end of the day you’re going to have that no matter where you go. Every operation doesn’t run like smooth pavement.”

How does your work load vary throughout the week? 

“It can be anywhere from a stopper like we are doing today or it could be a four stopper like I did last Saturday. You know, it can be frozen, it can be grocery, it can be perishable, it can be anything that is at the table for me to take.”

So with dedicated, every day is different? 

“Yeah, every day is different with dedicated. You gotta be versatile, multidimensional. You gotta have that in your mindset you wanna achieve whatever is at the table because at the end of the day it builds your personal stock up. You know at the end of the day you gotta make money for your family, right?”

What makes a successful day for you?

“Getting your delivery delivered safely and come back safe. That’s successful. If you have no issues with safety and you get there safely and efficiently, and you get back home to see your family safely and efficiently, that’s a successful day.”

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