Arrived at Success: Meet Shane

Intermodal driver finds his calling in training new drivers.

“Professional is the word that’s thrown around, but it incorporates everything about driving safely and J.B. Hunt focuses on being professional, being safe, being courteous, being on time and doing your job to the best of your ability,” said Shane, J.B. Hunt driver and trainer.

Driver Shane looks out the window of his J.B. Hunt Intermodal truck.

Shane’s Start

An Australia native, intermodal driver and trainer, Shane, began his driving career 13 years ago and has practiced professionalism since day one. For the seven and a half years Shane has been with J.B. Hunt, he has made it his mission to be the best driver he can. Shane’s managers and fellow drivers took notice of his exceptional work ethic and asked him to train new drivers.

Shane started his career with J.B. Hunt when his friend told him about an open job in Chicago. Shane says it was an easy decision to join J.B. Hunt all those years ago. “My friend was explaining to me that he is home every week. They don’t work on a high volume of miles, but we do a lot of short runs up to 400 miles. Home every week. Good benefits. Great equipment and it’s just a whole new working experience and…it was a challenge and I just leapt at it,” Shane said.

Shane’s Growing Career

Shane quickly proved himself to be a safe and skilled driver, and it wasn’t long before his managers noticed that new drivers were looking to Shane for guidance and advice. Shane explained, “I got noticed by people higher up that found that I was working with other people and helping them, and it was getting back to them. And one of my bosses, he approached me with the concept of being a trainer.”

After some convincing, Shane decided to give training a try. The Director of Intermodal Operations, Tyler, celebrates Shane’s successes: “Shane prepares his new hires I think better than anyone I’ve ever seen,” Tyler explained. “He’s been able to come up with new ideas to almost disrupt what we’d been doing before and help us become a bigger, better, stronger J.B. Hunt.”

Shane noticed the differences he made in the lives and careers of the drivers he trained. Working with safety and training, Shane has even developed reading materials and short videos to help his trainees learn and succeed. “We’re molding professional drivers. And being professional and being courteous and being safe, that’s a reflection on J.B. Hunt,” Shane described. “So, when you see drivers that act accordingly, and you know that some of those drivers you may have had a part in helping…it’s a great feeling that I’m being a part of something really good.”

Shane’s Successes

Shane has found success on the road, but he says his true accomplishments are the people he comes home to. “The most things that I’m proud of in my life is my family. Wife. I’ve got two kids. I have a great job now! I’m home every week…I’m able to see the country and work with J.B. Hunt, and it’s just been a privilege.”

J.B. Hunt has helped Shane reach his goals by providing support, home time and high-quality equipment. “I’m home every weekend. I work five to six days and they enforce the, ‘Your time is up. Go home. See your family and have your time off.’ With people that ask about driving for intermodal, it’s like, we have great equipment. We’re always upgrading. They’re always on hand to help with any breakdowns or any issues that we have. There’s always somebody there to call to help out. You’re not left alone,” Shane said.

For drivers looking for something new, Shane says to consider a J.B. Hunt driving job, “You come here for a reason. You want a better job. You want a better life. You want to earn more money. You want respect. You want to be professional. So, here you’re given that opportunity.”

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