3 Tips for Sharing the Road with Tractor Trailers

Implement these tips to help make the roads safer for all of us.

Sharing the road with other drivers is part of our normal life, but some of the driving practices we become accustomed to will change when sharing the road with semi-trucks. There are approximately five million semi-trucks and mass-transit busses that share the road with more than 250 million motorists each day. 

Safety is a priority at J.B. Hunt, and we are proud of the commitment to safe practices we see from our company drivers every day. Here are three safe driving tips to keep in mind when sharing the road with semi-trucks: 


The size and weight of semi-trucks mean that it takes much longer for them to reach a full stop than for standard passenger vehiclesTypically, it takes a fully loaded semi-truck about 600 feet – the length of two football fields – to come to a complete stop. 

When sharing the road with semi-trucks, remember to allow truck drivers the room to maintain the proper safe distance between other vehicles. When changing lanes or passing vehicles, be sure to leave adequate space before altering speeds or making turns. 

According to Taylor Hunter, safety communication manager at J.B. Hunt, It’s easy to assume that since our personal vehicle can do it, other vehicles can do it. But tractor-trailers are a different animal. Cutting in front of one and then braking quickly is a bad idea.” 


Distracted driving is one of the most prevalent causes of accidents on the road. In 2018 alone, it was the cause of more than 2,800 deaths and 400,000 injuries. Distracted driving is entirely preventable and is something we at J.B. Hunt take very seriously.  

“Do NOT drive distracted! Cell phones have made the roadway a lot more dangerous than they need to be,” said Hunter. 

An info-graphic with 3 tips to avoid distracted driving.

For J.B. Hunt driver Johnny, these practices are a normal routine. “Safety every day. Day in and day out. From the time you turn the switch on until you turn it off and get out of the truck,” said Johnny. 


Driving is a part of our daily lives and it can be easy to forget how many people are on the road with us each day. With more than 70% of all freight in the United States being moved on truckswe have plenty of opportunities to practice safe driving while around semis.  

We always have control over maintaining safe speeds and distances and avoiding distractions, and we must remember to put these tips into practice so everyone can get home safely.


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