3 Winter Weather Truck Driving Tips

It’s that time of year again – roads are starting to ice over and layers of snow are accumulating. Check out our winter weather driving tips below to help you get through this wintry season safely.


Winter Weather Truck Driving Tips:

1) Prepare:
Make sure to prepare yourself and your truck before heading out. In case you get stuck somewhere due to road conditions or closures, make sure to pack essential items such as extra clothes, blankets, boots, flashlight, ice scraper, a small shovel, a first aid kit, bottled water and nonperishable food. Prepare your truck by doing a thorough pre-trip inspection and ensuring you have enough fuel in case you get stuck out on the road.

2) Recognize:
Recognize any potentially dangerous situations by being aware of your surroundings. Watch for spray from other vehicles’ tires – If there is no spray coming up from the tires, the roads are most likely freezing. Black ice can form without warning when temperatures are near or below freezing. Remember, bridges and overpasses are the first to freeze, and poor road conditions and slippery surfaces call for you to slow down and give yourself plenty of stopping room.

3) Know Your Limit:
If you decide the roads are too dangerous, park in a safe and legal location until conditions improve. Remember, shoulders and exit ramps are not safe or legal locations for parking. No load is worth your life.

Drive safely out there this winter!


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