What Are the Advantages of Contracting with J.B. Hunt?

Three ways J.B. Hunt is one of the best companies for owner operators.

The business advantages that can come along with contracting with a major carrier are often a huge benefit for owner operators, which makes evaluating your choices an important step. Here are three big ways that owner operator jobs with J.B. Hunt can help you save money and make an impact on your bottom line!

1. Fuel Discounts

“The fuel discount helps support my business every time I fuel my truck.” – David, owner operator

We are proud to offer access to some of the best fuel discounts out there for owner operators through our discounts and fuel surcharges. 

Fuel Card and Discounts

Through a large network of participating fuel stations, owner operators can save up to $0.50 off the diesel pump price at locations across the country. And with a fuel card with weekly reimbursements, fuel savings are easy when you contract with J.B. Hunt.

Fuel Surcharge

J.B. Hunt offers a flexible fuel surcharge paid on loaded miles for owner operators who contract with us. Not only do we offer a surcharge, but we pass down 100% of the surcharge from day one.

Owner operator drives his truck and trailer.

2. Maintenance and Tire Discounts

We understand that maintaining your equipment is a crucial part of keeping your business running. By contracting with J.B. Hunt, owner operators can find a variety of discounts that can help you save.

Save on Tires

Tire costs can add up quickly, but by contracting with J.B. Hunt, you can get discounts on one of the nation’s leading tire brands. By using our DRIVE App, owner operators can navigate to a discount option that will get you 35% off Goodyear® tires upon proof of contract.

Maintenance Savings

To help offset maintenance costs, owner operators can choose to take advantage of discounts on services from RoadsideMASTERS.com®, such as:

  • Towing services 
  • Flat tire assistance or tire replacement 
  • Mechanic services 
  • And so much more! 

3. Reduced Insurance Rates

J.B. Hunt has negotiated with a variety of insurance providers to get owner operators access to discounts on a variety of essential insurance options. According to a leading industry consultant, these savings are as much as 23% off the average price!

You can save on: 

  • Non-trucking liability 
  • Occupational accident 
  • Physical damage 

Let’s Get Started!

With jobs for owner operators open across the country, there are loads of ways for you to get started on some of the best discounts in the industry. Give us a call at 1-866-384-7130 or fill out our short form to take the next step today!

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