Truck Drivers Keep Our Nation Moving

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America’s economy depends on over two million truck drivers to deliver raw material and final products to various manufacturers and retailers all over the United States. Without their wheels moving, our country would stop moving, literally – fuel supplies for cars, ships, trains and planes would start to run out in just one to two days.

We’d also have food shortages in grocery stores and medical supply shortages in hospitals, our clean drinking water would dry out and there’d be no replenishment of goods to manufacturers and retail stores.

Our country and company rely on hard working truck drivers and we appreciate the sacrifices you make to assure that our nation continues to move. See our transportation stats below to better understand how much of an impact your dedication has on all Americans.

How Truck Drivers Move Our Nation In One Year:

$11 Trillion

– the value of goods truck drivers transport throughout the country.

13 Billion Tons 

– the total weight of goods truck drivers moved to serve markets at home and abroad.

$3 Trillion

– the combined value of machinery and electronics, the most valuable commodities that truck drivers transport around the U.S.

4 Billion Tons 

– the combined weight of gravel and cereal grains, the largest commodities moved by truck drivers.

$4 Trillion

– the total value of product moved by truck drivers to and from Canada and Mexico.


For every mile and every ton, we thank you!


Press play to hear from J.B. Hunt drivers and how their hard work keeps our country moving!


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