Search, Select and Book in the DRIVE App

Booking loads just got easier.

There have been big changes to the J.B. Hunt DRIVE app for Truckload contractors. With a combined load board and a new look, the updates have made booking a load with J.B. Hunt as easy as 1-2-3.

With just a few clicks, owner operators that contract with J.B. Hunt Truckload can search, select and book loads – no approval needed. The new Search Load option allows contractors to search by origin, destination, equipment type or date, enjoying early access to freight.

Thinking about contracting with J.B. Hunt Truckload? Here’s a quick overview.

How Do Drivers Contract with J.B. Hunt?

When you contract in our Truckload division, you’ll enjoy no forced dispatch, roadside assistance eligibility for voluntary health programs and discounts on fuel, insurance and service work.

How Does J.B. Hunt Compensate Drivers?

J.B. Hunt offers Truckload owner operators percentage-based compensation plans with payment terms based on the percentage of load revenue.

Keep Your Business Moving

With a new and improved load board with competitive rates and one of the largest freight bases in the country, J.B Hunt has loads of options. Call 1-866-384-7130 to learn more or pre-qualify and we’ll contact you.

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