How Do Owner Operators Save on Truck Repairs?

Owner operators tell us how they manage expenses and save money on maintenance.

For owner operators, getting discounts on semi-truck maintenance is crucial to running a successful business. From maintenance discounts, roadside assistance discounts and more, we believe J.B. Hunt is one of the best companies for owner operators to contract with. 

But don’t just take it from us. Learn from Rhico and Jason, two owner operators who contract with J.B. Hunt, about why our discount programs benefit their business and how you can start saving! 

Jason, owner operator, leans on his truck and smiles.

Truck and Trailer Repair

Allowing for maintenance costs is an important part of any business, and this is especially true for owner operators. For Jason, being able to manage and save his own funds for truck repair is vital for his business. 

“When I became an owner operator, I always heard [save] 10% of whatever you make for maintenance. I’ve done that. I’ve kept it in a side bank account, and it has always covered my maintenance cost,” he said. “That money is going back into the truck. You don’t have [that] account, your truck has [that] account.” 

At J.B. Hunt, we are proud to offer subscription access to® at a discounted price. This means that when you contract with us, you could save big on a variety of maintenance services that impact your finances: 

  • Engine overhaul financing  
  • Flat tire and tire replacement assistance  
  • Free tractor and trailer towing up to 50 miles 
  • Fuel and fluids delivery services  
  • Hotel discounts 
  • Jump-starts 
  • Light winching and extracting assistance  
  • Lock-out and replacement services  
  • Mobile mechanic services  
  • Pull starts  
  • Replacement part and battery delivery 
Rhico, owner operator, leans on his truck and smiles.

Tire Discounts for Owner Operators

We understand just how important it is to maintain the tires on your truck, and we have worked hard to provide access to tire discounts for owner operators. When you contract with J.B. Hunt, you have access to 35% off Goodyear® tires. 

For Rhico, this discount not only saves him money, but helps keep him moving and staying profitable. 

“So far, I’ve used the tire discount to get brand-new drive tires on my truck,” he said. “Also, the fuel discount is pretty good. It’s one of the best in the market right now.” 

You can be confident that when you contract with J.B. Hunt, you are contracting with a company that not only understands the business expenses and decisions you make each day, but one that works to provide discounts that you can leverage to make your business even more successful. 

According to Rhico, contracting with J.B. Hunt lets him take control of his business and his future. 

“The best part about having my own business is I control my destiny,” he said. “My favorite part is basically the problem-solving in terms of whenever I have issues and stuff. I like to solve my problems. Then, at times, I do get help.” 

Get Started Today

We have jobs for owner operators available across the country and loads of discounts waiting for you to take advantage of. Give us a call at 1-866-384-7130 or fill out our short form to start saving! 

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