Compensation Plans for Owner Operators

Percentage-based and mileage-based compensation plans for Owner Operators.

J.B. Hunt offers owner operators the option to be paid in a way that works best for them. Whether an owner operator prefers payment terms based on a percentage of load revenue or based on miles driven, they will be able to choose a plan that meets their requirements. So, which plan works best for you? We’ve laid out some of the advantages of each below.

Owner operator driver stands in front of his truck.

Percentage-Based Compensation Plan

Percentage-based payment terms direct the carrier to pay the owner operator a percentage of the revenue for each load hauled and 100 percent pass-through of shipper’s fuel surcharges. These payment terms allow owner operators the freedom to benefit from market rate increases and maximize their profits. Under these terms, the amounts paid to owner operators are derived from the freight’s market rate.

Mileage-Based Compensation Plan

When an owner operator chooses mileage-based payment terms, they receive payment based on a defined amount of cents per mile for each load they haul. With mileage-based payment terms, owner operators typically receive payment for both loaded and empty miles, permits and tolls.

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More Advantages for Owner Operators

While contracting with J.B. Hunt, owner operators will experience: no forced dispatch, road side assistance, eligibility for voluntary health programs and discounts on fuel, insurance and service work. With one of the largest freight bases in the country, J.B. Hunt can keep you moving.

J.B. Hunt offers owner operators contracting opportunities within our Truckload and Intermodal divisions. If you are looking for contract payment terms that fit your lifestyle with a company that offers the opportunities to keep owner operators moving, check out opportunities near you!

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