Local Driver Reaches 4 Million Safe Miles

After 30 years with J.B. Hunt, local dedicated truck driver Johnny racked up four million safe miles, and his colleagues were eager to recognize his well-earned milestone. “I pulled into the yard and everyone was in the yard. They had put a banner up at the gate… it said congratulations on your four million miles,”… READ MORE

Drivers and Community Thankful for Adopt-a-Class Program

For this year’s Adopt-a-Class program, J.B. Hunt asked company drivers to nominate their child or grandchild’s class to win a $1,000 donation of school supplies, the opportunity to tour a truck and enjoy a pizza party. Drivers submitted over 240 nominations – four times the amount of last year’s count. With much consideration, ten winners… READ MORE

J.B. Hunt Drivers Give New Company Drivers Advice

As numerous truck drivers make a shift in their career and join J.B. Hunt’s driving force, many are curious of what to expect – what kind of culture do they have at J.B. Hunt? How can I advance within the company? Do they care about drivers or will I only be another alpha code? We… READ MORE

Straight from a Driver: Why Drive With J.B. Hunt

Any time we interview a driver, we always ask them the question, “What would you say to a driver who was thinking of driving for J.B. Hunt?” When we interviewed Vernon this summer for our quarterly driver feature, we asked him that question. His response? Vernon showed us a list of reasons he had already… READ MORE

Love at First Drive

While truck driving cross-country over 20 years ago, fate brought two amazing people together. Debra, who had been driving for a large carrier for only five weeks, and J.B. Hunt driver William crossed paths on a stretch of I70 East. Debra said she remembered passing the J.B. Hunt truck – the old brown cabover –… READ MORE

Driver to Retire With 3 Million Safe Miles & Plans to Buy Corvette

Gary loves driving – driving trucks and driving race cars. Over 30 years ago, he made truck driving his career at J.B. Hunt and drag racing a hobby he could afford with his annual earnings. “Drag racing is a lot of fun but an expensive hobby. I don’t have sponsors like the professionals,” he said… READ MORE

How To Become a J.B. Hunt Company CDL-A Driver in 4 Steps

Thought about driving? Truck driving is a one-of-a-kind way to make a living. At times, it’s not only a career but rather, a lifestyle. A day on the road can be filled with challenges, memorable experiences, stress and adventure. It’s not a career for everyone, just as accounting isn’t a career for everyone, but it… READ MORE

Driver Calls J.B. Hunt Her Second Home

Sitting at a stop light, waiting to turn into an industrial park, a J.B. Hunt truck driver hears Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” come on the radio. “Oh, I love this song,” the driver says. The driver turns the radio up — a special kind of freedom most jobs do not allow. “No one is standing… READ MORE

First Woman Driver to Move Toward 3 Million Safe Miles

Like a good pair of Levi’s jeans, sometimes you find a job that fits just right. You’re comfortable, secure and feel confident. In the early ‘90s, one J.B. Hunt driver found herself looking for the perfect fit. More than two million miles and several safety awards later, Edwina Webb is comfortable in her broken-in driving… READ MORE

J.B. Hunt Delivers the Open Road to Truckload Driver

“I do like the open road – I like the scenery,” Alec said. “To be able to go places and to be able to see things…I don’t know what you see from your office window, but I have one that changes every day.” Having driven Truckload with J.B. Hunt since 2003, Alec has traveled across… READ MORE

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