J.B. Hunt Drivers Give New Company Drivers Advice

As numerous truck drivers make a shift in their career and join J.B. Hunt’s driving force, many are curious of what to expect – what kind of culture do they have at J.B. Hunt? How can I advance within the company? Do they care about drivers or will I only be another alpha code? We… READ MORE

Truck Drivers Keep Our Nation Moving

America’s economy depends on over two million truck drivers to deliver raw material and final products to various manufacturers and retailers all over the United States. Without their wheels moving, our country would stop moving, literally – fuel supplies for cars, ships, trains and planes would start to run out in just one to two days…. READ MORE

4 Safety Tips for Driving in School Zones

Kids are heading back to school and congestion around school grounds will be on the minds of many truck drivers. Roads will be dappled with yellow school buses loading or unloading children and parents dropping off or picking up kids, as well as staff on the sidewalks guiding young people to their destinations. With heavier… READ MORE

Driver to Retire With 3 Million Safe Miles & Plans to Buy Corvette

Gary loves driving – driving trucks and driving race cars. Over 30 years ago, he made truck driving his career at J.B. Hunt and drag racing a hobby he could afford with his annual earnings. “Drag racing is a lot of fun but an expensive hobby. I don’t have sponsors like the professionals,” he said… READ MORE

Driver and Manager Together for the Long Haul

“What I really love about my job is my connection to my drivers,” Account Manager Nicole said. “It’s hard to gain trust with a driver and easy to lose it.” Nicole’s J.B. Hunt career and exchange with truck drivers began 10 years ago as a college intern. “For the first three weeks, I was clueless…… READ MORE

More than a Truck Driver: Meet Max

At the J.B. Hunt San Bernardino ramp, everyone knows Max. A 23-year veteran of J.B. Hunt, Max has received our prestigious Million Mile award and was named the 2016 West Intermodal Driver of the Year. To those that know him, Max is more than a great driver, he’s a mentor, leader and friend. Described as… READ MORE

Driver Finds Value in J.B. Hunt’s Women In Trucking Sponsorship

Local intermodal driver Julia appreciates the impact that the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) is having on the trucking industry and is proud to be a member. “They are letting women know it’s a choice… that truck driving is a possibility for women. They are changing the mind set of what can be a woman’s… READ MORE

Management Training Continues to Better the Driver Experience

“People don’t leave companies; they leave managers,” is a common saying that rings true to many individuals in the work place. Truck drivers, like all employees, deserve to be happy in their jobs and feel valued by their managers. J.B. Hunt makes it a priority among management to continually improve their relationships with employee drivers, uphold… READ MORE

Delivering to Schools From New Hampshire to California: Adopt-a-Class 2016

We recently held our tenth and final Adopt-a-Class event of 2016 at the Western Yell County Elementary in Belleville, AR. Thanks to a nomination submitted by DCS driver, Ms. York’s fourth grade classroom was chosen to be the recipient of a $1,000 donation in school supplies. At the request of Ms. York, the donation was… READ MORE

2016 Million Mile Celebration

This week, we welcomed 45 J.B. Hunt drivers to corporate to celebrate their safe driving! In 2016, 71 drivers achieved 2, 3 and 4 million safe miles and 45 joined us in Lowell to be honored during two days of events – kicking off with a BBQ dinner Monday night. At the dinner, drivers and their families… READ MORE

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