3 Winter Weather Truck Driving Tips

It’s that time of year again – roads are starting to ice over and layers of snow are accumulating. Check out our winter weather driving tips below to help you get through this wintry season safely. Winter Weather Truck Driving Tips: 1) Prepare: Make sure to prepare yourself and your truck before heading out. In… READ MORE

J.B. Hunt Drivers Give New Company Drivers Advice

As numerous truck drivers make a shift in their career and join J.B. Hunt’s driving force, many are curious of what to expect – what kind of culture do they have at J.B. Hunt? How can I advance within the company? Do they care about drivers or will I only be another alpha code? We… READ MORE

Love at First Drive

While truck driving cross-country over 20 years ago, fate brought two amazing people together. Debra, who had been driving for a large carrier for only five weeks, and J.B. Hunt driver William crossed paths on a stretch of I70 East. Debra said she remembered passing the J.B. Hunt truck – the old brown cabover –… READ MORE

Driver Witnesses Accident and Saves Life

On Saturday, September 2, 2017, Intermodal driver Brian was traveling to one of his regular customers when he witnessed a single vehicle accident. The vehicle had crossed the highway and run into a light pole on the shoulder. Brian quickly sprang into action and pulled over to help the driver. The vehicle was badly damaged;… READ MORE

Truck Drivers Keep Our Nation Moving

America’s economy depends on over two million truck drivers to deliver raw material and final products to various manufacturers and retailers all over the United States. Without their wheels moving, our country would stop moving, literally – fuel supplies for cars, ships, trains and planes would start to run out in just one to two days…. READ MORE

4 Safety Tips for Driving in School Zones

Kids are heading back to school and congestion around school grounds will be on the minds of many truck drivers. Roads will be dappled with yellow school buses loading or unloading children and parents dropping off or picking up kids, as well as staff on the sidewalks guiding young people to their destinations. With heavier… READ MORE

J.B. Hunt Transport Celebrates 56 Years

On August 10th, J.B. Hunt celebrates its 56th anniversary and its historical impact on the logistics transportation industry. The distinguished carrier has grown from a small business of only five trucks and seven refrigerated trailers to a Fortune 500 company with over 13,000 trucks, 110,000 trailers and containers countrywide and $6.5 billion in annual revenues…. READ MORE

J.B. Hunt Driver Reaches 4 Million Safe Miles

On June 15th, DCS driver Bob followed his usual routine of delivering a load to Louisville, Ky., but this time, it wasn’t just another day, another delivery for the driver. Bob reached a career milestone as he surpassed the 4 million safe miles mark. The 29-year J.B. Hunt veteran is now the ONLY active 4 million… READ MORE

J.B. Hunt Supports Automated Truck Technology That Keeps Drivers Safe

At J.B. Hunt, we believe drivers are irreplaceable and support advanced vehicle technology that increases their safety and security on the road. As driver assisted technology continues to be introduced and advanced within the trucking industry, we continue to focus on the technology that increases the safety of our company drivers and the general public…. READ MORE

New Driver Transfer Portal Promotes Career Growth

With the new driver transfer portal, it’s easier to transfer from one driving job to the other as a J.B. Hunt company driver. A driving career at J.B. Hunt can adapt to the changes in your life – more home time with family, moving to a new city, or exploring more of the country. Depending… READ MORE

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