2018 Arkansas Truck Driving Championship Results

J.B. Hunt brings home nine awards from the event.


The 2018 Arkansas Truck Driving Championship was held Saturday July 14 in Rogers, Arkansas. J.B. Hunt had 29 company drivers who brought their skill, hard work and determination to the competition and it paid off! J.B. Hunt brought home nine awards with six drivers placing in their division as well as Rookie of the Year, Best Overall and Loudest Crowd.

Rookie of the Year – Roland P.

1st place 5 Axle – David G. *

1st place Step Van – Louie B.*

2nd place 5 Axle – Darrell A.

2nd place Flatbed – Angel C.

2nd place Sleeper – Roland P.

3rd place Tanker – Jeffery H.

*Advances to the National Truck Driving Championship

The competition marked the end of a week-long event for the drivers and their families. The 29 competing drivers spent the week training and practicing for the championship while their families enjoyed fun-filled excursions in the Northwest Arkansas area with the J.B. Hunt Experience Team. In the evenings, the drivers and their families had the opportunity to share a meal as they told their stories and connected with fellow drivers.

Whether they competed in the truck driving championship or spent the day delivering their latest load, we could not be prouder of our company drivers who truly drive like champions!

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